The Best Part of Homeschooling: the Field Trips

The best part of homeschooling is the field trips!  There are countless venues and opportunities out there where children can explore and do hands-on learning.  Once I met a homeschooling family that went only one place for their vacations.  Though there’s many places I could visit again and again, it baffled me that they would do that while homeschooling.  There are so many places to take kids, if you are able!  As homeschoolers, especially, I believe we should take advantage of historical sites, national parks, and the wonderful venues that cities offer us.

We are very lucky that we live within driving distance to a large city.  My in-laws are visiting right now, so last week we all went to the Georgia Aquarium.  My 4-year-old is obsessed with ocean animals.  Though it’s an expensive venue, we have been able to get some very good coupons in the past, so we’ve taken him a few times.  With my in-laws, we realized it might be a better deal to go ahead and get a family membership, especially since we are thinking of taking my son there for his upcoming 5th birthday too.  (Shh!  Don’t tell!)  So it wasn’t planned, but we took the plunge.  They also offer some homeschool classes there, so I’m hoping we can take advantage of those next Fall.

I do my best to visit free places, but when my child loves and is so interested in something like this, I think it’s worth it.

My four-year-old was in heaven.  He had to go to the area where he could touch sting rays, sea urchins, star fish and other sea creatures about three times!  I think my 20-month-old is finally at an age where he could benefit from the stimulation too.  It was a fascinating experience for all!

Where are your favorite places to take your kids for some fun, learning and wonderment?

4 thoughts on “The Best Part of Homeschooling: the Field Trips

  1. Laurent has always loved ocean ecology. Among the many things we wants “to be when he grows up” a marine biologist is one of them. Just last month Damien took him to the Boston Aquarium for a special daddy date. We took all the kids years ago but Laurent could visit every day and probably not get tired of it!

    I’m a simple gal and probably my favorite place to take the kids is our farm. And of course we love backpacking and being in the woods. I also like the symphony orchestra kid concerts and our nearby college which has lots of free offerings. Being able to go and do whenever we please (and according to my children’s interests) is one of my favorite parts of homeschooling.


    1. That’s great that Laurent has a similar interest! I will be interested to see if it sticks with Aidan as he gets older. We live near a college town, so when the boys are a little older, I look forward to attending some of the free music concerts. We have been to some farms around here, but I have yet to find a farm we can go to often. Also when the boys are older, there are lots of places for day hikes in the woods, so I’m sure we’ll do lots of that. This is what excites me about homeschooling the most. Thanks for your message.


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