Thank You for Subscribing

I wanted to take a moment to give a heartfelt thank you to whoever noticed my recent post about homeschooling a preschooler with a baby in the house and then put a link to it on  My daily life with a four-year-old and 19-month-old is so busy and chaotic that I don’t have time for much blogging or to promote this blog, but I felt very warm and fuzzy to find out that some people have found it and are subscribing.  Thank you.

I write a weekly column for a small, local newspaper on motherhood, homeschooling, daily life and other stories.  It comes out in print each Wednesday, and then they post it on their website sometime during the week, usually over the weekend.  I link my columns to this site, and whenever possible, I write other blog posts on homeschooling.  I have so many ideas, but oh so little time! I whittle away at my ideas each night during my precious “hour” of me-time and snatches of time I get here and there, and I’m always surprised at how much I can accomplish by using my time wisely.  I think I accomplish more now than I did when I had time.

This blog has gone through many incarnations, and recently I moved it to WordPress and decided to focus it more on homeschooling, (though my columns are not all about homeschooling).  There are a few people who I met online long ago when I had only one child (who blessed me with long, three-hour naps!) and when I had more time for blogging, photography and writing fiction.  For those of you who are still visiting me (you know who you are), I thank you too.

Please leave me comments sometime so that I can get to know you.  Homeschooling is a lifestyle and a journey, and we can all learn from one another!

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Part of the reason I keep a blog is because being a stay-at-home mom can be lonely! So please reach out with a message, if you have a question or would like to chat. I usually write back within 24 hours, but please be patient.

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