Making Spiral Berry Soup

This morning I had an impromptu exercise in “play.”  I am calling it “making spiral berry soup” because that is what my four-year-old said he was doing.  As you can see I gave them some cups of two different dried beans and pasta, several utensils and containers, and then I just let them have fun.  They had the best time, and I was happy that the toddler did not put the ingredients in his mouth or dump all of it onto the floor. (Though a lot of it did end up on the floor.)

I got this idea from two things:  1) For the hundredth time this morning, my toddler got into the dog food.  I could tell he just wanted to have fun scooping it up and dumping it, etc.  2) When he did that, I remembered the teacher in my four-year-old’s Creative Play and Movement class telling me that my son loved the exercise when they played make-believe with dried beans and pasta.  She said kids love to feel the different textures.  So I thought I’d recreate that for the two of them.

I have let my four-year-old play with the dried beans and pasta before and create some art with it, but I didn’t want to get out the glue with the toddler.  This was just as fun.

We’ll have to do this more often.

If you are needing to teach your child at home due to the school closures, feel free to ask me any questions. Don’t try to replicate school or my homeschool! Take some time to relax. You’ll figure it out.

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